Have your community partake in a Corona safe Chanukah activity that can be used at your Chanukah event, Ckids/Cteens Chanukah Party, Hebrew school, or preschool Chanukah learning.
This Product is for Shluchim ONLY

How it works (In Person)

Find. Selfie. Tag.
“Find the menorah and take a selfie with it” - similar to a scavenger hunt, with the selfie element.

·       Find the Menorah. There are several posters of ‘Menorahs around the world’. These are set up around your space. Each family gets a different card of 3 menorahs to find (i.e. each family is looking for different 3).
·       Take a Selfie near the Menorah. When the family finds the poster with the Menorah, they should take a selfie near it.
·       Tag with your #hashtag. The family should then share it on social media with your specific hashtag (or share with you).
You can offer prizes/raffles for those who share the photos on social media.

This Chanukah Scavenger Hunt includes:
1. 'Menorahs around the world' posters
2. Participant Instruction poster
3. Participant Scanevgerhunt Cards.
4. Instructions explaining how to prepare and host this event

You will be able to customize all documents with your logo and any additional information you would like to display.
How it works (Drive-by

Find & Color.

We will provide you with several posters of ‘Menorahs around the world’. Each poster is one of 4 primary colors.

Each participating family gets a pack of 4 crayons and a card (with 3 menorahs to find and 3 corresponding menorahs to color)

  • Find the Menorah. Participants will have to find the Menorah Poster corresponding to their card that is set up around your outdoor space.
  • Color with the appropriate color.When the family finds the poster with a Menorah on their card, the children should color the corresponding menorah on the card with the crayon that is the same color as the poster.

You can offer prizes/raffles for those who complete the MenorahHunt.

*Variation: Instead of placing the posters on your property, ask local families to put on their lawn (close to the street) and provide participants with a list of addresses.

Included in this packet

We provide the materials. You print locally. - Make sure to print large enough that it is visible through a car window.

  1. ‘Menorahs around the world’ posters. 15 in all
  2. The instruction for each participant
  3. The participant menorah hunt cards.

You will be able to customize (add your own instructions, locations, etc. )

Once purchased, you will receive an email with your unique customizable files. Please look out for it in your inbox. 


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